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Processing time: approx. 4 minutes

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Career starters

People with a high profile on this scale like to establish and maintain social contact with their fellow human beings. In social situations, they behave appropriately and confidently. In the professional context, socially competent people like to work together with others and are reliable team members. This goes hand in hand with a goodwill and positive appearance, the ability to adapt to others and to be empathetic and fair. Achievement of one's own objectives is ensured by socially acceptable means.


Z (Z-Score): Standard score in value range 70-130 (M=100, SD=10); PR (percentile rank): Share in reference group with a score that is at most as high.


SOCIAL is completed in random order, in Likert scale format. Following an introductory instruction, individual job-related statements (items) are specified, which must be evaluated on a 7-level scale in terms of agreement/disagreement. All items of the item pool are output in random order. The presentation typically takes place together with other personality scales in one test module. The items from the various tests are mixed together to reduce fatigue and transparency and thus socially desired response behaviour.

Theoretical background

A job without any social context is hardly conceivable. Accordingly, behaviour in social situations is of great importance – for professional cooperation as well as for personal success. Social situations are often characterised by tension. On the one hand, we have to follow socially accepted rules and, if necessary, subordinate ourselves to others and stand back. On the other hand, our own views and interests want to be enforced without treating others socially inappropriately. A high level of social competence is required to master this imbalance. Specifically, this means that people act sufficiently convincing, empathetic, sociable and communicative in social contexts. The tendency to act socially competent in this sense and thus in accordance with recognised models of social behaviour is measured with SOCIAL. 

Psychometric properties

α = .84

Construct validity
.40 Emotional Stability
.45 Extraversion
.48 Conscientiousness
.56 Openness
.14 Agreeableness (TAKE5)
.76 Behaviour in Customer Situations (CUSTOMIZE)
.09 General Intelligence (KAPPA)

Criterion validity
.26 Career success
.20 Training success
.37 Overall result Assessment Center

Norm basis
N > 50,000

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