Manage even the most complex recruitment processes with a customisable system

With the individualised XL version of our system platform JOBMATCHER, you can map highly automated and high-volume recruiting processes and manage them centrally. JOBMATCHER XL reduces your administrative burden by automating the sequence of certain process steps in the system. You will benefit from a candidate management system that is fully customisable for your HR department and other areas, and will centrally manage your entire recruiting process, regardless of how many (national and international) locations and different positions you have to fill.


The rights system JOBMATCHER XL splits up your candidate groups into several divisions and locations. Standardised selection processes can thus be rolled out successively and other plants easily integrated.

Selecting a recruiting project from various locations in JOBMATCHER XL

In JOBMATCHER XL many HR standard processes can be automated in a way that you only have to intervene at the relevant points. At the individual process stages, if-then conditions are linked to defined actions which the system automatically carries out when the conditions occur, for example sending emails or access codes. Your administrative effort is significantly reduced by the process automation, which means that you can concentrate on what is most important: your applicants and the right personnel decision.  

The illustration of automated processes in accordance with defined if-then conditions in JOBMATCHER XL.

Your job advertisements can be electronically accessed via an interface for external job exchanges. The expiry date is also taken into account. Most job exchanges are able to extract and publish this information (for example once a day).

Job matching provides you with an entirely new way of finding talent. Based on pre-defined occupational profiles, the results of several selection stages, such as tests, interviews and work samples are used by JOBMATCHER to calculate a match to a large number of occupational profiles. The Job radar shows the matches structured in sectors – and the individual candidate remains the key focus. With job matching, you are able to simultaneously test your applicants in JOBMATCHER XL in for a variety of job opportunities, thus offering them multiple career opportunities. You as a recruiter will thus ensure that you do not lose any talent for your company. This method is used successfully especially in the (international) recruitment of skilled workers for large plants.

The results of a candidate for various occupational profiles in Spanish: the green dots represent the jobs that best fit the abilities and talents of the candidate in question.

For high-volume processes, “automated” work samples are often used, in which the implementation and raw data evaluation no longer have to involve observers. JOBMATCHER XL integrates the gathered measurement data via a standard interface as a metric in a normal selection stage and provides them with a traffic light system. The result of an “analogue” work sample is thus digitally recorded and directly usable in the system. The collected data are also available for job matching.   

The Selection Wizard in JOBMATCHER XL can search the extensive data and results which the candidates enter and provide at various points in the selection process, in a structured way via faceted search. Searches for specific criteria can thus be carried out quickly and easily. The search result shows – according to the selected criteria (facets) – a specific “talent pool” from all the candidates.

A search within the applicant pool via specifically designed filters in JOBMATCHER XL.

Actually at many times the real work begings just after completing the selection process, because now a lot of additional candidate information is needed. In JOBMATCHER XL you can also individually define masks, for example checklists or reminder processes to maintain an overview at all times.