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The recruitment of field staff is difficult due to the fact that many applicants do not have any professional experience in the specific sector. This often led to an invitation of candidates who had a misperception of the future activity. In the case of recruited applicants, this generated a high level of fluctuation. The task therefore involved the use of test procedures which, in addition to a reliable prediction of success, also provided a realistic proactive approach.

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JOBMATCHER S including an invitation function for the online test

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An individual combination of performance test and personality tests, compiled on the basis of a competitor’s validation carried out at the beginning. In addition, a company-specific biographical questionnaire and a company-specific situational judgment test were developed. As part of a workshop with experienced employees from the client’s company, situations critical to success were examined from the daily work of the sales force together with possible courses of action, and these were then integrated into the test procedure. The resulting process provides an insight into future tasks as well as information on how successfully applicants will be able to master these situations.