The perfect graduates for your company

Higher-education graduates can only be compared with one another in terms of their academic performance if they come from the same year. As soon as there are applicants from other years or from different universities, their dissertations/theses and grades can no longer be compared. The potential of graduates must therefore be examined in the same way as for apprenticeships and production workers – at the right requirement level and with specific procedures.

Our graduate recruiting is the solution that allows you to recognise real potential without relying on grades and external assessments.

Even the application process is specifically tailored at the target group of young, internet-savvy individuals and includes multi-layered communication across all the current channels used by digital natives.


We develop innovative application processes for your candidate groups with which academics can be validly selected. We link these processes with other selection procedures that enjoy a high level of applicant acceptance (for example interview systems and assessment centres). At the same time, we realise candidate management processes for you with fast, uncomplicated decision-making,preventing you from losing potential employees.


  • Valid diagnostic procedures for academics

  • Objective basis for decisions that does not rely on grades
  • Target-group-specific processes and communication
  • Fast identification of the right talent


Our graduate recruitment solution is ideal for companies with academically oriented trainees and a regular large number of candidates and positions.

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I'd prefer to automatise the entire process of recruitment - is that even possible?
I'd prefer to automatise the entire process of recruitment - is that even possible?