Test (yourself) wherever you like!

Online tests have changed the world of recruiting. Application processes have become faster, more valid and independent of time and place. The basic principle: use internet-based technologies for the early detection of cross-disciplinary features. Rather than generating travel and time expenditure, candidates complete aptitude tests online – whenever and wherever they want, for example, from home or on a mobile device.

We are pioneers of this technology – in 1998 our team developed the first online assessment in Europe (Credit Suisse). Since then a lot has changed and modern web-based technologies now allow much more complex measurements than at the beginning of online recruiting. Our online assessment today includes more complex tests to analyse cognitive abilities and personality traits.


Our online assessments always consist of validated psychological tests that have been developed and evaluated according to scientific quality criteria.  More than 125 different measuring scales are available in 25 languages, which can be combined to form seamless test bundles suitable for any profession. If required, our online assessment can be provided as an isolated process via an easy-to-use platform and the entire candidate management system can be integrated as a feature.


  • Tests independent of time and location
  • Fast and valid identification of potential early on in the application process
  • Can be used for all target groups of applicants
  • Cost-saving method of identifying talent and potential
  • Immediate generation of results
  • Seamless integration into the candidate management system


Online assessment is ideal for anyone who wants to find out what potential exists over and above the application documents – before time is invested and applicants invited. It does not matter how large the company is or how many applications are expected. 
With online assessment you will quickly be able to identify talents and find out in which candidates you should invest your time.

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I'd prefer to automatise the entire process of recruitment - is that even possible?
I'd prefer to automatise the entire process of recruitment - is that even possible?
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19/09/2016 - Competence testing for refugees launched in Saarland