Jobmatching puts the talent of your candidates at the centre

When it comes to job matching, we do not think of a vacant position, but of the candidate: Which jobs fit which individual? What skills and interests does a candidate have? This approach enables multiple opportunities for you and your candidates in a single procedure.

People are looking for jobs according to the profession that suits them perfectly, that fulfils them and with which they are happy.

Jobmatching is the right method for you if you

  • systematically measure and compare applicants,

  • want to use your employees optimally in the company,

  • do not want to lose any talent, even if there is currently no suitable job vacancy,

  • you wish to map your recruiting process via software: with JOBMATCHER S, M, XL.

And recruiters want to fill every position with a person who has the right skills for this job and who will succeed professionally. This can be optimally combined with the job matching method: As a recruiter, you look at all the professions that your company can offer now or later. Candidates then take a test to identify the relevant talents and skills. Compare the results with the requirements of your professions and find out whether one of your potential positions matches the candidate.

Put yourself in the role of an applicant and imagine that you would like to apply to a company. Which scenario would you prefer?

Scenario 1: You decide to apply for the advertised position. You send your application and thus have exactly one chance of a career in this company. Either you assert yourself in competition with many other applicants for this one position – or the application process ends here for you.

Scenario 2: You register with the selected company – from your smartphone, tablet or PC. In a web-based HR questionnaire, you then answer a few questions about yourself – and from here, a sophisticated system of diagnostics, algorithms and expertise from HR professionals will help you find out which jobs in the company are right for you. Instead of a single opportunity in the classic application process, a variety of options await you.

If you prefer scenario 2, we should talk about Jobmatching. In this case, we will implement a potential- and resource-oriented solution for you: Advice instead of selection, multiple opportunities and a best fit instead of just the first best alternative. HR Diagnostics offers you innovation in recruiting. With our JOBMATCHER software.

Job matching in brief

Jobmatching refers to procedures and algorithms that simultaneously check the suitability of a candidate for a large number of jobs. Instead of checking the suitability of many applicants for a single invitation to tender, it is the other way round: The right job is searched for each applicant. This speeds up recruitment tremendously, exploits the full potential of your applicants and gives each candidate a fair application process with multiple opportunities.

Identify future potentials with Jobmatching now

We believe it is important to look into the future in addition to looking at current talents. Our JOBMATCHER software can integrate analyses that address the potential of the applicant or where his professional future can develop. For example, does a candidate have leadership potential? For small companies with flat hierarchies, this could be an exclusion criterion, while larger companies often ask specifically for it.

Personnel selection and development are coming closer together in order to sustainably retain future employees in the company with the right career choice and further development.

Happy employees drive your business success

Jobmatching is a method in which you think from the perspective of the applicant and offer them several opportunities with just one application - because everyone has talents that can be triggered with the right job. Particularly in the case of a large number of applications and vacancies that do not require in-depth technical training, for example for apprenticeships or as part of filling entire plants in countries that do not already offer qualifications according to German standards, it makes sense to focus on applicants. Proper job assignment ensures motivated employees – because in this case, one's own work challenges and promotes one's own talents. Together with you, we develop a recruiting process that perfectly adapts to the requirements of a flexible and dynamic labour market as well as the needs of your target group. This process helps you fill every position with the most suitable candidates and make applicants happy.

Motivated employees are less frequently ill, leave the company less frequently, resulting in less costly new appointments and significantly higher productivity.

Our scientifically based diagnostics ensure that applicants without relevant prior experience are also fairly taken into account. This enables you to successfully fill vacancies, especially in the case of profile shortages, without being solely dependent on formal proof of qualifications. You can then further develop each talent individually – old-school personnel development is a thing of the past.

Jobmatching allows you to get the most out of your candidate sample

Jobmatching helps HR officers to exploit the full potential of their candidate sample for the company – far better than candidate questionnaires or CV parsing. This approach is also ideal where there are many different positions to fill from a heterogeneous sample of applicants – for example, a large number of different apprenticeships or positions at a new location, in Germany, but also in international personnel selection.