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How many employees are needed to produce modern vehicles in Central America to a German quality standard? 

The answer is around 3,500, to be recruited over a period of 4 years, which also represents the task assigned to us. The focus must firstly be on blue collar activities, before apprentice and white collar positions have to be filled. In the implementation of the process in Mexican Spanish and English it was important to take into account that internet access is far more common there with mobile devices than with computers. The real challenge, however, was to fill the positions as quickly and ideally as possible without having reliable information on the qualifications of the more than 60,000 applicants. 

The perfect prerequisite for the use of our talent-based job-matching approach to competency assessment which allows a parallel aptitude test for all the positions offered.

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JOBMATCHER XL in specific configuration with appointment management, INVITE invitation management, SMS module and job-matching module. All applicant procedures (personnel questionnaire, online tests) optimized for mobile recruiting 

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The job-matching logic, which is designed based of a requirement analysis, makes it possible to specify at any time the suitability for all jobs in the different job groups (pressing plant, painting, logistics, maintenance etc.). The suitability statement becomes more and more precise over the entire process because more and more data points are generated and taken into consideration – from the general pre-selection test and the specific on-site test to the work samples and interviews. The results of the candidates are recalculated in real time at every stage to give the recruiters maximum capacity for action and decision-making, and to fill positions flexibly. At the same time, the applicants benefit from the multiple placement opportunities and the prospect of being able to get a job if they are suitable.