Choose a test procedure: First you're choosing either one of our standard assessments or a specificly for you configured test procedure and consecutively generate a new project. For example: If you would like to recruit new staff in distribution, you would choose our pre-configured test battery SALES and name the new project as you like. If open positions need to be filled for different sites, for each site a new project will be generated.

Candidate login: The e-mail contains the link to the login-webpage of the online assessment, where your candidate enters the access codes.

Process progress: Choosing the project readout of JOBMATCHER S you'll see the process pipeline on the left side: Every process level and latest status of your standardised recruitment process is visualised. All candidates who have conducted the test are on the same process level. With the pipeline you'll easily catch the progress of the recruitment process. On the right side you'll see the top 5 candidates, that already conducted the test. In a next step you can see all test results.

You can easily adapt JOBMATCHER S to fit into your current corporate design for example by including your logo on all the screens visible to the applicants and on the tests themselves. The adaptation of the interfaces to your CD is especially useful for providing the candidates with good orientation – you are seen as the sender of the test for the selection process.

Despite the standardised system platform, you can customise the communication with your applicants in JOBMATCHER S: You can create your own e-mail templates and can send them by clicking on a number of candidates. JOBMATCHER automatically updates personal information such as name or test code when you send the e-mails.

You decide whether you want to be notified directly by e-mail about incoming test results. At the same time, you can decide when a candidate or recruiter should automatically receive an e-mail – for example, the invitation to take part in the online test or to confirm that a candidate has successfully passed the test.

In some selection processes it is necessary for several departments such as the work council, internal specialist departments or other sites to have access to the system and application data. With the use of a role system, you can specify the rights to read, write and amend of various groups of employees involved in your process.

With the Job Board Light you can publish job advertisements directly via JOBMATCHER S and allow your candidates to independently enter into the application process. The link for the registration and application can be directly incorporated into your website.

The web-based system platform JOBMATCHER S can be easily connected to your existing IT systems via a standard interface, for example to establish the link leading to the applicant registration on your website.