JOBMATCHER Integration

A modern, contemporary connection with JOBMATCHER integration

Good diagnostics are part of the early application process. Anyone who still designs the first selection stage today with applicant questionnaires or CV parsing loses many suitable applicants because biographic data is unreliable. Quality can only be assured with uniform measurement standards. Diagnostic procedures, especially online tests, are therefore a step forward in the selection of applicants. If an applicant management/applicant tracking system is already in use, HR Diagnostics tests can be connected via interfaces. It is central to the workflow to work seamlessly and efficiently, both from the perspective of applicants and recruiters – regardless of whether you connect us to your system or use our JOBMATCHER as an integrated system - in both cases the process runs without perceivable "interfaces". 

JOBMATCHER integrates with other recruiting systems or ERP solutions via standardised HR-XML and XML/JSON web services. We are pioneers in the integration of applicant management systems. That's why we have extensive experience in technical standards and security and data protection issues. We have already integrated many different systems and are constantly expanding the possibilities for integration.

Advantages of JOBMATCHER integration:

  • Process control remains with the HR/applicant management system leading the process
  • Flexible booking and modification of assessments
  • Increased standardisation of HR processes
  • Comprehensive application process for candidates
  • Fast implementation through a variety of existing integrations

We will be happy to advise you on the definition of your specific process and accompany you step by step during implementation.

Overview of communication

when integrating assessments

The exchange of information between the systems takes place
in different phases.


First step: Generation of access code

Candidates need a personal access code or link to enter an assessment. This code is requested via interface:

Call type  
SOAP methode  

A test ID and a candidate ID must be provided for all variants. Personal data is optional if names are desired on the feedback reports. If not, anonymous testing is also possible, applicant and test data will only be merged on your system.

Second step: Authorization and execution of the test

Immediately after generating the access code, the candidate can perform the test. To do this, the code can be distributed in different ways:

direct access via forwarding  
by e-mail  
by printout  

Step three: Result calculation and feedback

The results are calculated immediately after completion of the procedure. JOBMATCHER can provide information on several levels:

Total test value and traffic light recommendation  
Dimension values  
Feedback PDF for recruiters  
Feedback PDF for candidates  
Interview query list as PDF  

Step four: Feedback of results

Several procedures are available for transferring the result values and documents:

Call type