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Today specialist skills play a significant role in the selection of employees for industry and production. But the significance is decreasing to the same extent that technological change is shaping the workplace. Digitisation is changing the world we live and work in. Knowledge and skills that were relevant yesterday can become irrelevant tomorrow and be replaced by other, often increased demands. This is why the selection of blue collar employees must take into account interdisciplinary potential to ensure modern personnel management.

Learning ability, mental agility and willingness to change, performance motivation and many other cognitive and affective characteristics are relevant to the selection of suitable employees in changing professional environments. This is especially true where an absence of formal educational qualifications does not necessarily relate to a lack of professional skills or experience – for example, when filling production vacancies in countries such as Mexico, USA and China.


Our online assessments always consist of validated psychological tests that have been developed and evaluated according to scientific quality criteria.  More than 125 different measuring scales are available in 25 languages, which can be combined to form seamless test bundles suitable for any profession. If required, our online assessment can be provided as an isolated process via an easy-to-use platform and the entire candidate management system can be integrated as a feature.


With our recruiting solutions for blue collar positions we provide complete candidate management processes including the whole aptitude diagnostics chain. These are suitable for recruitment of production assistants, plant operators and maintenance staff as well as for the analysis of skilled workers and management staff. The diagnostics can be used worldwide and can be tailored to country and culture-specific processes for candidate control and communications – independent of e-mail and post.

Our range of measuring methods analyse all the skills that are relevant for a blue collar position: both expertise such as technical understanding and interdisciplinary skills such as spatial ability, memory and concentration skills, and conscientiousness. We assemble our test methods according to your requirements and enhance them with interviews and work plans that are either standardised or designed specifically for you. Modern methods of job matching ensure that every talent is recognised and that no potential employees are overlooked in your applicant group. At the same time, each candidate has multiple opportunities with only one application, and they will be given individual advice on which of your vacancies best suits them.


  • The difficulty level, content, diagnostic principles and candidate communications are tailored to the specific target groups

  • For skilled workers and management staff on the shop floor
  • Global availability and experience


Whenever and wherever you hire employees for industrial production, we can support you. Perfect processes, methods and diagnostics mean that even medium-sized companies benefit from our expertise in blue collar recruiting. The greatest benefit provided by our solutions is for blue collar recruiting when there are regularly positions to fill and where staff have to be recruited for new plants.

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