There has been much debate about school grades not being a reliable indicator of future performance in the workplace. They do not provide a valid prediction regarding the professional success of the candidates because they are neither objective nor fair and, most importantly, do not reflect the requirements of the professional world. It is therefore important to objectively assess the relevant professional skills (such as technical understanding and mathematics) and interdisciplinary competencies (for example the ability to concentrate and diligence) using psychological tests.


We have many years of experience in the recruiting of apprentices and dual students involving hundreds of occupational profiles – from commercial, technical and social professions to specific entry programmes for police officers. Our technologies and methods can be individually configured following a requirement analysis: you simply tell us which skills and personality traits are necessary for an apprenticeship in your company. And we are always ready to add features that, in our experience, are important to generate a comprehensive decision-making basis for your candidate selection.

The methods and selection procedures can take the form of web-based personnel questionnaires, online psychological tests, and assessment centres – always tailored to your specific requirements.

You are not the only one benefitting - so do your applicants: you receive a selection of suitable candidates – and all of them have a fair chance based on performance due to a selection procedure that does not rely on grades.


  • Lower administration costs thanks to web-based technologies
  • Faster processes
  • Just as suitable for industrial, technical, commercial and social occupations as for specific occupational profiles thanks to specialist and interdisciplinary tests
  • Objective, fair and transparent selection of candidates
  • Scientifically sound basis for decision-making in recruiting processes
  • Individually configurable tests procedures and methods
  • Target-group-specific communication channels


Due to the professional and interdisciplinary tests and methods used, our offering is equally suitable for technical, commercial and social professions and for specific occupational profiles – regardless of the number of applicants. The selection procedures are aimed at apprentices and dual (higher-education) students and can be configured individually.

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