Our service begins before we start working together: The introduction of a new process involves a lot of questions that we can answer based on our expertise and experience.


During a first-time visit, we advise you on the possibilities regarding process design and diagnostic procedures and help you to focus on the essential questions. In addition to personnel-related, procedural and technical issues, this also includes the effects of these methods on the social system in your company and beyond the company's boundaries. Cooperation with the workers' representatives should also be ensured.



Our support team can be reached by phone or email on business days between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.
A contact form is also available for your test participants which can be accessed directly from the test in case of technical problems. This solution has proved being highly effective because all the relevant technical parameters such as browser configuration and internet connection are automatically transferred.



+49 (711) 48 60 20-28



With JOBMATCHER, you utilise a purely web-based software solution that does not require local installations. To make it easy for you, we take care of the hosting and ensure that all relevant aspects of data protection and data security are respected. If you have the necessary infrastructure to run JOBMATCHER autonomously and securely, the hosting of our systems might be performed by your IT department. Service and maintenance contracts guarantee that your system is always up to date.



With the service levels of bronze, silver and gold, we offer three different variants to meet your requirements as ideally as possible. In all cases, when using JOBMATCHER as an integrated e-recruiting solution, you have access to a service that can be used by your applicants day and night. By completing a service level agreement we ensure that you receive precisely the service you need. The following points are specifically regulated:

  • Response times and priorities
  • Definition of key figures for system availability and service times
  • Available storage space
  • Analysis and documentation of the obtained data
  • Definition of monitoring and generation of reports
  • Responsibilities for data backup procedures
  • Definition of escalation procedures and responsibilities
  • Organisational instructions
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