Organise your entire recruitment process in one configurable system

With our configurable system platform JOBMATCHER M, you can map your entire candidate management system and also efficiently manage large numbers of applicants and various job advertisements. In order to customise the software to suit your requirements and processes, we first conduct a requirement analysis with your company. On this basis we define the individual process steps, the necessary tests and assessments and the technical features for your recruiting and we will set up the system and the projects individually for you. With JOBMATCHER M you can manage and control the entire recruiting process – thanks to an easy-to-use system that centralises and simplifies your tasks, and quickly guides you to the right personnel decisions.


After you have published your job advertisements online via a job board linked to your website, the process begins for your applicants: all candidates can apply online for a position.

Of your offered vacancies on your candidate portal, interested candidates choose the one, that they wish to register and apply for.


Once a candidate has submitted their application, you are able to see them on your JOBMATCHER. This is where your own recruiting process starts in the system – with defined in stages a pipeline showing you the process status at all times. Here you can manage all your candidates and as a final step select the ideal candidates for your vacancies.

Your entire recruitment process in a pipeline: With your configurable process pipeline you'll get an immediate overview of how many candidates are on which level of the process. The given example shows that 73 candidates are invited for the pretest. Since every level is linked - every candidate is just as far as a single click.


In JOBMATCHER M you can see the test results of all candidates in total and at a detailed level. After just a few clicks you are already driving your process forward and moving candidates on to the next stage: to the pre-test, to an on-site test or to other assessments that we have defined for your recruiting process. You always have an overview of all the activities of each applicant and you can also easily include other members of your organisation into the decision-making process if necessary.

The candidate overview on an overall level: Displaying the candidate overview, you'll see a list of all candidates, who are at the same process level. With a specified search you are able to filter the list regarding multiple criteria - for example, if you wish to see only candidates with a certain location. In addition to that, you're seeing the results of each candidate per process level and with the colour coding in analogy to traffic lights. If for example the candidate is at the very beginning of the application process, you'll see at a glance whether the minimum requirements are fulfilled or not. If so, you can proceed by transferring the candidate to the next level and send an invitation for the pretest - with a single click.



Features for JOBMATCHER M

On a job board specifically configured for you and linked to your website, you can publish job advertisements and allow your candidate to apply with just a few clicks.

In JOBMATCHER M the selected tests and assessments can be fully customised to fit your current corporate design. In this way you can ensure that the diagnostic aptitude procedures integrate visually into your existing platforms and materials and also provide your applicants an easy orientation. 

With the recruiter directory you can integrate other decision makers into the selection process. These individuals then have access to the applicant's data, can evaluate them directly and can give a recommendation regarding the further process – for example, whether a candidate is invited or not.

With the additional module “multi-standard capability” you are able to simultaneously examine the suitability of an applicant for several different positions – and thus avoid the risk of losing good candidates. For example, you receive feedback on individual suitability for commercial and technical occupations and also an indication of leadership potential. You are thus able to consider alternative career aspirations and career paths for your candidates.

Inform your candidates via JOBMATCHER M about new emails or remind them of an upcoming appointment at your company – quickly and easily by SMS. 

The optimal allocation of participants to appointments is as important as it is time consuming. With the module INVITE, you allow your candidate to book themselves in for appointments or cancel them. And depending on the configuration, it is even possible to offer candidates a choice of several dates – just like booking a flight. Their reply is forwarded directly to JOBMATCHER and will be considered during the next scheduling. This ensures that your scheduling is always up-to-date, without the need for extensive follow-up.

JOBMATCHER M automatically records all communications with your applicants in a journal – ensuring that you always have all the activities at a glance. 

Using our standard REST XML interface, JOBMATCHER can be easily connected to your existing candidate management system – regardless of whether you use SAP, Success Factors, Peoplesoft, Kenexa or a solution from another manufacturer.