Support in finding staff for your new plant

A new location! For many HR professionals, it is a foreboding task having to find staff for a new plant, especially if it is in a remote location with a foreign culture. We, on the other hand, always look forward to this sort of challenge! To ensure that you can have the same quality of personnel in your new plant as in your existing locations we use our extensive expertise to design ideal processes and methods for greenfield recruiting.


You are likely to find different education and training standards at your new location than you are used to from your current recruiting. There are rarely comparable formal criteria on which a selection of candidates can be based. Candidates abroad often have no certificates or proof of education and to a large extent will be unfamiliar with your modern working technology. If, however, you wish to examine their aptitude for a particular occupation then tests are needed to establish their interdisciplinary skills and the ability to learn new processes and methods. For the selection of personnel, reliable diagnostics are required to examine the candidate's potential.

We are familiar with the legal and cultural constraints that you can expect in China, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Turkey, the USA, Saxony, Lower Saxony, and Bavaria – and we know which comparison standards are appropriate for the local candidate.

Our greenfield solutions are specifically geared to recruiting abroad, and support you with efficient software and innovative diagnostics. The recruiting technologies are typically of a temporary nature in greenfield recruiting. For a new plant at a new site, the recruiting process usually begins about 9 to 6 months prior to the start of production (SOP Start of Production). This lead time enabkes a reliable personnel selection process and enough time for training before the actual operation begins. Even large-scale recruiting processes with more than a quarter of a million applicants within a year can be managed by a small team using our technology.


We can deliver everything you need to find the rich talent for your new plant – no matter whether blue or white collar. We observe the local educational and training requirements at your new location to obtain comparable formal criteria for candidate selection. Our services for your greenfield recruiting include psychological tests and questionnaires for staff selection, selection days on site – which include interviews, work samples and individual assessments as required – as well as our innovative job matching technology

All the diagnostic methods and tests are precisely tailored to your needs or newly developed for specific positions. Our efficient candidate management system including a job board and all communication channels (for example email, SMS, social media and the latest bot technology) relieves you of the complex task of managing your candidates. Our job matching technology ensures that no more talent is lost and that you have reliable information on who is suitable for which apprenticeship or position. Your candidates will greatly appreciate these processes: they find out quickly whether they have been successful and for what job, they receive appreciative feedback and they have multiple application opportunities.

If you need to find staff for your new plants and locations, we are the ideal professional partner for your successful recruitment process and a successful start of production.


  • Efficient recruiting technology for a limited period or on a permanent basis 

  • State-of-the-art candidate management
  • Selection procedures such as psychological tests, interviews, individual assessments and work samples – perfectly tailored for the positions to be filled
  • Job matching technology that ensures that all talents are identified and that candidates find the right jobs
  • Multiple opportunities for each candidate and a fast application process
  • You benefit from our extensive expertise in finding staff for new sites of all sizes around the world.
  • We take into account the country-specific education and training standards at your new location
  • Independence from local service providers at the international site


Our solutions for greenfield recruiting can be used by any company with a new greenfield plant or location in any industry. We support the task of finding staff for any site with scalable technologies, whether this involves just a few hundred staff or thousands of employees and an unlimited number of candidates for the positions offered – on a worldwide basis and, if required, at an operational level.

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