Selection procedures and processes for police recruits

The police force is characterised by numerous peculiarities: not only cognitive and personality-related requirements have to be met, but also a high level of physical fitness and resilience is expected and a decent, healthy lifestyle is demanded – neither debts nor a criminal record are allowed. At the same time, the processes involved in police selection and recruitment are different to those in the operational context. There are high requirements regarding personal documentation to ensure legal certainty and normally several recruitment cycles a year are necessary.

We provide police authorities in Germany and Switzerland with procedures for the reliable selection of police officers of all categories – whether middle, upper or higher ranking positions. Instead of having to plough through applications, the recruitment officers can rely on our selection methods which use scientifically sound diagnostics based on psychological tests and efficient pre-filtering of applicants using online questionnaires. With our solutions, you save time and are able to find the best police recruits in a valid, legally certain way. Diagnostics and candidate management are, however, also used for staff promotions in the police force – with applications for higher ranking jobs, not only current performance but also future potential are decisive. We can offer you police-specific tests, fully automated dictation systems and police-specific job interviews together with other selection methods.

You can make use of our many years of experience in the selection of police officers in a wide variety of police departments and for all units and functional groups to identify the right police officers in your police unit in a purposeful, efficient, highly valid and accurate way.


We can provide you with a high-performance solution for police-specific candidate management and all the necessary diagnostic procedures for the respective units. In addition to various police-specific test formats (including specialised police performance tests and SJTs), our portfolio includes personality tests, legally compliant interview procedures, roleplay, individual and group tasks, dictation (fully automated conducting and evaluation) and integration of results from sports tests and examinations by the police medical department regarding fitness for service in the overall evaluation for each candidate.

You and your police-force applicants will benefit from efficient software solutions to allow self-service for applicants which reduces the workload of the recruitment officials and gives the applicants more control of the process. In this way applicants can, for example, book themselves in for possible interview dates and selection days and check their current position on the employment ranking list.


  • Reduced administration costs thanks to web-based technologies

  • Faster processes
  • Police-specific selection with tasks in a police context and with police-specific standards and validation data
  • Objective, fair and transparent selection of candidates
  • Scientifically profound decision-making basis for selection
  • Individually configurable test procedures and methods
  • Target-group-specific communication channels
  • Legal certainty
  • Extensive documentation and reporting functions for superordinate authorities, for example the Federal Ministry of the Interior


This solution is ideal for national and federal police authorities in the German-speaking countries for all units with external selection and internal decisions regarding staff promotions.

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