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The industrial company regularly requires specialist personnel in order to replace retiring employees and to continue to grow. Because these are particularly difficult to find in the technical field, a process has been defined to ensure that successful interns and students who write a dissertation or thesis in the company later apply for a position. Thanks to the circumstance, that they have been employed over several months, a reliable forecast of success can be generated and a personal fit to the company can be assessed. At the end of the internship, the responsible supervisors receive automatic access to a web-based assessment sheet which is used to decide who is included in the retention programme. During the programme participants receive regular information and various invitations to ensure they remain committed to the company (candidate relationship management).

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JOBMATCHER M in a specific configuration with a job board for the job advertisement, a personnel questionnaire and an applicant management system with a recruiter portal for the integration of the specialist departments and also an assessment tool for supervisors to assess the trainees in order to decide on their inclusion in a talent pool.

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Structured assessment for the decision on inclusion in a talent pool.