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A medium-sized company receives 500 applications per year for 14 commercial and technical training positions. Because school grades do not make reference to particular requirements, these should no longer be considered in the pre-selection and replaced by online tests. It should also be possible to offer an apprenticeship to applicants who are not eligible to study. On the basis of the online test, an appreciative feedback should be generated for those applicants who were rejected in order to be able to keep them as customers in the future. The results of the online test were later verified in a more extensive on-site test.

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JOBMATCHER S configuration with job advertisement, personnel questionnaire and applicant management with a roles-rights system which grants the works council exclusive permission to read the documents.

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For the pre-selection, online tests with Multinorm (SPEED, KAPPA, BMT-A, TAKE5, PIA, VSI) are used instead of school grades, which simultaneously also test the suitability for an apprenticeship for dual studies applicants. In the on-site test, the results of the online test are verified by using long-term versions of the online tests and are supplemented by a commercial (PROFFICE) and industrial (PRODUCTION) work sample. Candidates who are rejected in the online test receive a written report with recommendations for further personal development and guidance on professional orientation.