To successfully integrate refugees into the labour market you first need a reliable competence analysis. With CAIDANCE-R, HR Diagnostics provides the first psychological diagnosis specifically for refugees – in English, German, Arabic and Persian.

The vast majority of refugees in Europe has no proof of formal education and professional qualifications. According to the Federal Employment Agency only 9% of the almost 297,000 refugees registered as job seekers have an academic qualification (as of June 2016). 74% have not completed formal vocational training, and another 26% have no educational qualifications. The survey of professional qualifications is therefore usually based on information provided by the individuals themselves. For companies, job centres and employment agencies this information base is inadequate to employ refugees or to provide them with vocational advice. Individual competencies that are relevant for the labour market must therefore be ascertained diagnostically – in an interdisciplinary, valid and efficient way. CAIDANCE-R provides this type of competence analysis especially for refugees.

Teile des CAIDANCE-R Tests
Figure 1: The test procedures in CAIDANCE-R are for the most part non-verbal.



In an approximately two-hour psychological test, fugitives answer various questions that record their cognitive abilities, skills and interests. The competence analysis CAIDANCE-R provides an objective picture of the individual strengths and interests of the participants and compares them directly with the requirements of occupations and training programmes on the labour market.  The results are summarised in a written report directly after the test is completed. The test results form the basis for individual career guidance and placement in training, qualification or employment.

With CAIDANCE-R interdisciplinary professional skills, personal interests and language skills can be detected within about 2 hours with just one diagnosis. Individual analyses are possible as well as testings in group settings. The subsequent result report summarises all the measurement results and proposes specific occupational fields for the test participant.


CAIDANCE-R is provided via a web-based test platform with SSL encryption. The hosting takes place in Germany. To complete the test, you only require an internet connection, a computer, or a tablet with a current browser (Chrome, Firefox or similar) and a quiet working environment.


CAIDANCE-R can be used wherever required for the analysis of interdisciplinary vocational skills. The results can form the basis for counselling sessions at employment agencies and job centres and are also suitable as a basis for placement officers and personnel staff in a company. The competence assessment can form the basis for inclusion in the entry qualification (EQ) for refugees. The CAIDANCE process can be completed not only by fugitives but also by unemployed Germans. In this way, projects can be realised in which both target groups are taken into consideration with equal fairness.

Flüchtlinge beim Test mittels CAIDANCE-R
Image: Participants of CAIDANCE-R. Experience has shown that there are no difficulties with conducting the tasks on the PC. However, we do not recommend an unsupervised execution, as otherwise the identity of the participants cannot be checked and attempts of manipulation cannot be ruled out.



Read more about this topic in specialised books on the professional integration of refugees and diversity management.

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  • Measures vocational skills in an objective, reliable and verifiable way.
  • Ensures fair results for different cultures
  • Can be processed in the individual’s mother tongue
  • Takes into account both linguistic and non-linguistic elements
  • Covers a wide range of professions at different levels
  • Is uncomplicated to use with or without professional psychological training on the part of the user and generates easily understandable result reports
  • Ensures automatic and efficient implementation, results analysis and reporting
  • Only ties up a low level of staffing, space, and technical resources
  • Matches individual talents with the requirements of the labour market and specific vacancies
  • Creates directly usable results for career guidance and educational counselling


  • Problem-solving skills (nonverbal)
  • Processing speed (nonverbal)
  • Concentration performance (nonverbal)
  • Cognitive flexibility (nonverbal)
  • Mental arithmetic (nonverbal)
  • Professional interests (nonverbal)
  • Knowledge of German
  • Social competence
  • Customer orientation
  • Creativity
  • Integrity
  • Motivation
  • Conscientiousness
  • Emotional stability
  • Openness
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Self-confidence


  • Language versions: German, English, Arabic, Persian (more to follow)
  • Measuring ranges: Cognitive abilities, personality, professional interests, language skills in German
  • Technology: Web-based survey without local installations, mobile testing on tablets possible
  • Duration: Approximately 2.25 hours (excluding preparation)
  • Cost: Single implementation 48 € plus VAT. For larger volumes substantial rebates will be granted. Special rates for non-commercial users such as aid organisations, networks, job centres and adult education centres on request