HR Diagnostics is your international partner for applicant management and aptitude diagnostics for personnel selection and potential analysis.


HR Diagnostics was founded by aptitude diagnostics experts. Our roots go back to the Department of Psychology at the University of Hohenheim led by Prof. Dr. Heinz Schuler who also played a key role in founding the company. Our team consists of experienced experts from the fields of psychology, IT and economics. Long-term professional experience and a solid scientific training ensure the quality of our methods, processes and project support. We grow together and thanks to our customers and have a profound understanding of project work.


We use scientific methods to secure your business success and position your HR as a true value-adding partner. Our aim is to support you at the highest technical and personal psychological level in the identification and development of the most suitable employees. Our goal is to make the management of external applicants and internal candidates as efficient and user-friendly as possible. With flexibly scalable systems and tools, we contribute to the sustainable development of your business success – no matter whether you have five or hundreds of thousands or applicants and employees.



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The “test factory” of our parent company S & F Personalpsychologie is specialized in the development, validation and standardisation of diagnostic procedures for personnel. The spectrum includes:

  • Cognitive performance tests with customer and activity-specific content 
  • Occupational knowledge tests 
  • Personality tests for recording occupational and position-specific characteristics 
  • Behavioural-based situational judgment tests 
  • Biographical questionnaires, especially for the sales force 
  • Interactive methods such as case studies, role play and planning simulations 
  • The multimodal interview MMI®

Our specially configured test procedures are used in areas for which no procedures have previously been available or where there is a need to exclusively use diagnostic procedures for personnel.


HR Diagnostics: Identifying Talent

CAIDANCE-R: Competence Analysis for Refugees

CAIDANCE-R is a largely language-free diagnostic procedure for the identification of professional competences in refugees and migrants. The procedure is available in German, English, Arabic, Persian and French and determines appropriate career options for people without a strong educational background. In this way, individual orientation, qualification and placement are supported – both for companies, job centres, and aid organizations. For further information, please click here.


SPORTSDRIVE: Psychological diagnostic for sports

The range of our activities is enhanced by sports psychology which goes beyond organizational and work psychology. SPORTSDRIVE, our sport psychology brand supports you in selecting, advising and developing recreational and competitive sportspeople. The field of application ranges from ambitious amateur sport, and diagnostics and mental training in professional clubs to Olympic training facilities and Olympic athletes. For further information, please click here.

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