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A medium-sized company wanted to establish uniform quality and selection standards throughout the organisation. The target positions in the countries of China, the Czech Republic and Germany range from training to technical specialists and management. The recruiting solution has to allow the recruiters in the individual countries to have isolated control, while at the same time ensuring company-wide control options and reporting for the head office. The multi-lingual implementation optimized for mobile devices ensures that expats can be selected across countries. 

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JOBMATCHER XL in a specialised configuration with a role rights system, a number of culture-specific personnel questionnaires, online and on-site tests and the system-wide mapping of work samples and interviews. For this, the mobile MMI® is used – the fully integrated interview solution in which the interview guides are digitally implemented and the interviewers submit their evaluation directly on iPads, which enables automated evaluation and storage in the JOBMATCHER applicant management system. The results are calculated and displayed in real time with additional information from all diagnostic stages.

In order to address the mobile internet usage which is particularly widespread in China, the application-side procedures (personnel questionnaires, online tests) for mobile recruiting were optimised.

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The complete elimination of external information such as grades and work references – due to the heterogeneity and quality differences in the country markets – was achieved through an entirely paperless, standardised application. The broad depiction of cognitive abilities and relevant personality traits ensures an objective decision-making basis in the pre-selection phase. The recorded characteristics are verified on site and supplemented by specific, professionally relevant content such as management behaviour and concentration abilities (machine operators). Finally, the most promising applicants are tested for their specific workplace-related suitability by means of a multimodal interview (Mobile MMI®) as well as various manual work samples.

All applicants who do not receive a job offer have the possibility to be contacted again at a later date. In order to increase the willingness to do so, an appreciative feedback is generated for all applicants based on the online test.