Knowledge test with numerical and figural content

23 Items

Time limited test

Time limit: 15 minutes
Processing time: approx. 17 minutes

Inhouse-test with supervision

Home-test without supervision


German, English, French

other languages on request

Optimized for

desktop, tablet, smartphone

Career starters

Persons who achieve high values in this test have good knowledge of physics and mechanics. They are able to solve general scientific problems. This aspect is particularly important in technical professions.


Z (Z-Score): Standard score in value range 70-130 (M=100, SD=10); PR (percentile rank): Share in reference group with a score that is at most as high.


After an introductory instruction and a trial task, the PHYSICS is completed in a time-limited, multiple-choice format (simple selection from 5 alternatives). One item (task) is shown per page. It is possible to skip items and to scroll forwards and backwards.

The procedure is in liquid format: the tasks are drawn from a pool and arranged according to increasing difficulty, whereby test difficulty and subject areas are kept constant for all participants.

Theoretical background

Physical and technical understanding can be attributed to crystallized intelligence, the processing of familiar information using existing knowledge. The PHYSICS measures knowledge in the form of knowledge and skills necessary to understand physical problems and to solve them. The tasks comprise a wide field of physical sub-areas, but in particular technical and mechanical issues. In doing so, care was taken to ensure that there is as close a proximity as possible to everyday physical phenomena (e.g. the operation of simple machines). Since procedures like the PHYSICS are frequently used to objectify school grades, primarily topics are covered that are taught across all school types. The design also ensured that the level of tasks is consistently below the advanced level.

Empirical research has shown that tests on physical and technical knowledge are predictive for both professional and training success. Accordingly, the PHYSICS is suitable for personnel selection in all professions in which a primarily practical technical-mechanical basic understanding is necessary and offers an objective and comparable statement on practical knowledge in this area.

Psychometric properties

α = .80

Construct validity
.72 Mathematics (PLUSMINUS)
.54 Spatial Visualisation Ability (SPACE)  
.59 Abstract Problem Solving (MATRIX)
-.04 Conscientiousness
.17 Openness
-.07 Agreeableness (TAKE5)

Criterion validity
.38 School grades Physics
.35 School grades Mathematics
.40 School grades Chemisty

Norm basis
N > 2,500

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