Cognitive performance test with figural content

13 (short version) / 18 items

Time limited test

Time limit: 11 / 15 minutes
Processing time: approx. 13 / 17 minutes

Inhouse-test with supervision

Home-test without supervision


Croatian, Dutch, English, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

other languages on request

Optimized for

desktop, tablet, smartphone

Career starters

People who achieve high results in this test are characterised by high problem-solving skills. They are also able to quickly analyse abstract information, derive rules from it, and apply these rules correctly to new tasks and situations.


Z (Z-Score): Standard score in value range 70-130 (M=100, SD=10); PR (percentile rank): Share in reference group with a score that is at most as high.


After an introductory instruction and two sample tasks, the test is completed in a time-limited manner, in multiple choice format (one answer from a set of 6 alternatives). One item (task) per page is shown, consisting of a matrix with 3x3 fields (incl. an open field for the solution), which can be clearly resolved by means of logical conclusions. It is possible to skip items, and to scroll forwards and backwards.

MATRIX is available in 2 different versions with 13 or 18 items. The longer version is particularly suitable for target groups in less complex professions, as more tasks in the lower to medium skill range are used here.

The procedure is implemented in liquid format: the tasks are drawn from a pool and arranged according to increasing difficulty, whereby test difficulty and subject areas are kept constant for all participants.

Theoretical background

Matrix tests are a widely used test procedure for language-free measurement of general problem-solving skills. As abstract problem-solving tasks, they can be attributed to fluid intelligence, or in the Berlin Intelligence Structure Model according to Jäger, to the figurative processing capacity. Since the ability to make correct inductive conclusions is based on figuratively depicted tasks, matrix tests are regarded as one of the most culturally fair measures of general problem-solving skills. 

MATRIX can be recommended for professions of varying complexity as well as for different application goals in personnel selection and potential analysis, explicitly including cross-cultural contexts. 

Psychometric properties

α = .78

Construct validity
.50 Matrix Test (Raven)
.39 General Mental Ability (WONDERLIC)
.46 Applied Problem-Solving (POTENTIAL)
.29 Logical Reasoning (SYLLOG)
-.14 Emotional Stability
-.01 Extraversion
.02 Conscientiousness
.05 Openness
.07 Agreeableness (TAKE5)

Criterion validity
.24 Career success
.33 Training success
.31 High school grades
.35 Math grade

Norm basis
N > 50,000

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