Cognitive performance test with numerical content

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Time limited test

Time limit: 6 minutes
Processing time: approx. 8 minutes

Inhouse-test with supervision

Home-test without supervision


German, English

other languages on request

Optimized for

desktop, tablet, smartphone

Career starters

People with high test results in this area can handle numbers and arithmetic tasks very well. They quickly extract relevant information, solve numerical tasks correctly and think in quantitative categories.


Z (Z-Score): Standard score in value range 70-130 (M=100, SD=10); PR (percentile rank): Share in reference group with a score that is at most as high.


After initial instruction and a trial task, the PROGRESSION test is completed in a time-limited manner. A series of numbers is shown per page, which can be extended by means of logical reasoning and by using basic arithmetic operations. The numbers must be entered in free text fields for this purpose. It is possible to skip items, and to scroll forwards and backwards.

The procedure is implemented in liquid format: the tasks are drawn from a pool and arranged according to increasing difficulty, whereby test difficulty and subject areas are kept constant for all participants.

Theoretical background

Extracting information from given numerical material in order to recognise and apply underlying rules is not only relevant in classically associated fields of work such as engineering professions. The processing of complex problems with numerically intensive material increasingly plays a role in a wide range of professions. 

Having a "feel for numbers" associated with numerical processing capacity is important wherever complex issues can be described quantitatively, and decisions are to be made on the basis of facts or numbers. Focusing on a numerical task allows a valid measurement of individual competence in dealing with demanding numerical content in a short time.

Psychometric properties

α = .71

Construct validity
.54 Abstract Problem-Solving (MATRIX)
.31 Processing Speed (SPEED num)
-.02 Emotional Stability
.06 Extraversion
.19 Conscientiousness
.15 Openness
.20 Agreeableness (HEXACO)

Criterion validity
.54 Maths grade

Norm basis
N > 25,000

Similar test procedures

The DEDUCTION performance test captures the ability to understand complex verbal content and connect the information it contains.
Duration: 10 minutes

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