Individual testing and automatic evaluation with eDiktat

Traditional dictation is one of the most reliable methods of assessing knowledge of German. However, the larger and more heterogeneous the test group is, the more difficult it is for the person to read out the text. It is also time-consuming and there is the risk of errors due to manual evaluation. Both these hurdles can be overcome: with eDiktat.

Authorities in particular often use dictation for the selection and development of staff. Validation studies show that dictation is – for example for police forces – one of the most reliable procedures available. However, traditional dictation has the disadvantage that it is not automatically evaluated. This method for personnel selection can thus be manpower-intensive and error-prone. 

An automatic evaluation of electronically conveyed dictation texts (in group tests with headphones) avoids these disadvantages and thus offers the possibility of integrating dictation into the existing on-site test as a selection method.


eDiktat records general spelling and punctuation skills. When developing the specific dictation text, you can take into account the correct context as well as typical words or phrases that you often use in reports and other documents.

The specific design of eDiktat ensures that you achieve a high degree of objectivity. The automated analysis avoids typical evaluation errors. The individually computerised presentation avoids comprehension or acoustic problems by using a single reader for all. This is also an advantage regarding the objectivity of the survey – and thus the legal certainty of the selection process.

The following example shows a text without an occupational context, which ensures that applicants do not benefit from a technical background.

At the same time, the individual development offers the possibility of adapting the text to the performance level of the target groups, which should, for example, be taken into account for the breaks while reading.

The correct spelling (original = left column) is then compared with that entered on the keyboard by the candidate (dictation = right column) – this is done automatically by means of a computer algorithm.

The algorithm highlights all the discrepancies from the original in the different categories. It notes and adds up all errors automatically and without error. All the results are thus reliable, transparent, automated and objectively comparable.

With eDiktat you never have to take work home with you. And this highly reliable diagnostic tool will therefore have an important place in your composition of tests.


  • Electronically presented dictation texts

  • Automatic evaluation
  • Uncomplicated integration into the on-site test
  • Allows individual design of the dictation texts
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