Cognitive performance test with figural content

Unlimited number of items

Time limited test

Time limit: 5 minutes
Processing time: approx. 7 minutes

Inhouse-test with supervision

Home-test without supervision


German, English, Chinese, Farsi, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, Hungarian

other languages on request

Optimized for

desktop, tablet, smartphone

Career starters

Persons with high results in this test respond quickly and largely error-free and can deal with errors well. The total score of the test therefore information about the individual working style.


Z (Z-Score): Standard score in value range 70-130 (M=100, SD=10); PR (percentile rank): Share in reference group with a score that is at most as high.


N-Back consists of 4 test sections with increasing difficulty, each preceded by an instruction and trial part. After the random entry into the endless item band, the test is then completed in a time-limited manner, using the right/wrong format. Errors are reported back immediately. A single graphic is shown, which must be assigned as being the same or different from the previous graphic by clicking on it. Completing one task automatically leads to the next task until the processing time is over.

The language- and culture-free design make N-BACK ideal for use in international processes. Here, the image material used can be parallelised (e.g. for automotive, office, sports, medicine) in order to establish the highest possible job reference. Consequently, the process is well applicable to different professions and is culturally stable. Dealing with errors or the related irritation and annoyance is part of the procedure and provides information on the working style and ability to "stay focussed".

Theoretical background

Concentrated work despite constant distractions, disruptions and changing tasks is a central part of work in many professional groups. Quick, but flexible thinking and reaction are the basis for successful task management. 

N-BACK captures aspects of long-term focus, working memory and cognitive flexibility and is therefore a good predictor of fluid intelligence. After the measurement area has so far been particularly widespread in the cognitive neurosciences, N-BACK also enables recording in the occupational context. Requirement-based design promotes face validity and acceptance among candidates.

Psychometric properties

α = .90

Construct validity
.32 Abstract Problem-Solving (MATRIX)
.39 Numerical Reasoning (PROGRESSION)
.32 Verbal Reasoning (DEDUCTION)
.24|.40|.42 Processing Speed (SPEED v|n|f)
.06 Emotional Stability (TAKE5)
-.15 Conscientiousness (TAKE5)
.02 Curiosity (CURIOUS)
.01 Social Competence (SOCIAL)

Criterion validity
.28 Career success

Norm basis
N > 50,000

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