Investigating intellect from a trait activation perspective:
Identification of situational moderators for the correlation with work-related criteria

02/2015 | Journal of Research in Personality, Ausgabe 55/2015, S. 51–60

We applied trait activation theory to investigate the situational properties that moderate the correlation of intellect, a sub-dimension of the Big Five factor openness to experience, with work-related criteria. We collected data from a sample of 185 employees from diverse organizations and positions. Results from moderated hierarchical regression analyses revealed that perceived situational properties at the task level moderated the correlation between intellect and job performance. Additionally, correlations between intellect and organizational commitment were moderated at task and organizational levels. This study shows how trait activation theory can be utilized to investigate the situational properties moderating the correlation of personality variables with external criteria. Implications for applied purposes are discussed. Artikel von Patrick Mussel & Maik Spengler.


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