Interest Test with figural content

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Test without time limit

Processing time: approx. 15 minutes

Inhouse-test with supervision

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German, English, Farsi, French

other languages on request

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desktop, tablet, smartphone

Career starters

With the graphical interest test, individual characteristics of a person's interests can be determined entirely language-free. The resulting professional interest profile follows the RIASEC model according to John L. Holland.



The INTEREST PIC is edited language-free in Likert scale format. After an introductory instruction, illustrations of professional activities are presented, which must be evaluated on a graphically anchored 5-level scale with regard to interest/disinterest. All items in the item pool are drawn in random order and all items must be completed.

Theoretical background

INTEREST PIC covers six areas of interest based on John L. Holland's RIASEC model: conventional, realistic, intellectual, artistic, social and enterprising. 

The Conventional type encompasses interests in activities that require the systematic and regulated handling of data, for example in controlling. The Realistic type describes the interest in manual or engineering research activities that require strength, coordination, craftsmanship and, in particular in demanding professions, technical understanding. Intellectually investigative orientation refers to the interest in activities dealing systematically with phenomena, typically research- and development-related professions. The artistic and linguistic type includes interest in open and less structured activities such as acting. Social orientation describes the interest in activities that entail intensive interaction with people, for example professions in childcare. And finally, the enterprising type encompasses the interest in activities that enable influence on others, e.g. professions with an economic orientation. 

The special feature of INTEREST PIC is the language-free implementation with exclusively graphic content. The items show illustrations of various professional activities. The graphic scale that is used to evaluate the activities collects the degree of approval with the use of emoticons. During the development of the test, focus was also placed on balancing image content such as skin colour and gender of the persons depicted in order to counteract stereotypes. It was also important to make use of the characteristics of current working environments and realistically map technical developments in order to make the appeal of the activity in question tangible, while at the same time supporting participants' self-selection.   

In the test evaluation, individual values for the expressions of interest are determined for each of the six areas of interest. These can be compared with each other to identify a person's higher and lower areas of interest. On the basis of personal interest values and our proprietary algorithm, fitting values for different job clusters are also determined. 

Psychometric properties

α = .75 - .81

Construct validity
.91 Realistic
.82 Conventional 
.85 Enterprising
.90 Investigative
.92 Sozial
.81 Artistic (AIST)

Criterion validity
.49 - .81 Self-assessed interests

Norm basis
N > 50,000