Knowledge test with verbal content

21 Items 

Time limited test

time limit: 15 minutes
Processing time: approx. 16 minutes

Home-test without supervision


English (only)

Optimized for

desktop, tablet, smartphone

Career starters

Persons who score high on this test can effortlessly understand abstract texts in English that are complex in terms of content and language. An output differentiated by level (A/B/C) can also be provided if required.


Z (Z-Score): Standard score in value range 70-130 (M=100, SD=10); PR (percentile rank): Share in reference group with a score that is at most as high.


After an introductory instruction and a trial task, the test is completed in time-limited manner, in multiple-choice format (multiple selection from different answer alternatives). It is possible to skip items, scroll forwards and backwards. 

ABCILITY is presented exclusively in English - meaning that the instruction is also given in English (level A1, beginner). The test follows an ascending reading comprehension ability per level: starting with A-level and going up to C-level tasks.

Theoretical background

English language skills are an indispensable requirement for most professions today. Although the level of language proficiency required varies widely, few people can avoid communicating or receiving information in English altogether in their professional lives.

ABCILITY measures reading comprehension within the language competence of English as a foreign language. This means that information presented must be correctly understood and correctly completed or rephrased, for example. Based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)), the reading competencies are tested at three levels (A / B / C) from the possible active (writing & speaking) and passive (listening & reading) skills in the present English test ABCILITY. The classification of the level of participants takes place over correct solving of items on the corresponding level. For each level, both lexical and grammatical definitions are available according to the CEFR, thus a an assessment can be made on the basis of the (correct) answers given. Due to the construction of the procedure according to the CEFR, no explicit grammar or vocabulary queries are necessary, as comprehension within a context is tested directly. In order to cater for a wide range of occupational groups and settings, ABCILITY offers a wide variety of contexts (travel, instruction, culture, work communication).

Psychometric properties

α = .88

Construct validity
0.42 Crystalline Intelligence (CRYSTAL)
0.48 Logical Reasoning (PRO-IT SYLLOG)
0.47 Verbal Reasoning (DEDUCTION)
.04 Social Competence (SOCIAL
-.15 Work-related Achievement Motivation (DRIVE)
.04 Conscientiousness(TAKE5)

Criterion validity
.56 Other-assessed English performance (Interview)
.56 Self-assessed English performance
.46 English grade

Norm basis
N > 2,000

Similar test procedures

The DEDUCTION performance test captures the ability to understand complex verbal content and connect the information it contains.
Duration: 10 minutes

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