The term "potential" raises the question: Potential for what?
If the kind of potential is known, we develop company-specific processes for potential analysis.

Customized to your needs, we provide you with a multimodal combination of different diagnostic procedures.

Multimodal Diagnosis

Starting with the design of the diagnostic process, the IT support of all administrative and qualitative sub-processes to custom-fit the selection and development of potential analysis procedures, we provide you with a customized, multimodal combination of different diagnostic procedures that are adjusted to your requirements: psychological personality tests, evaluation tests developed for specific target groups, simulation procedures such as role play and case studies and interviews for potential analysis.

Efficient processes

Our web-based system platform makes the management of the process not only easier but also more flexible: web-based test procedures are presented; results are scored automatically and transferred into individual assessment reports. All interactive diagnostic procedures are recorded electronically and analyzed on the same platform – suitable standards and assessment reports are included.

Decide on an academically sound and efficient potential analysis – for most extremely secure potential statements and a high acceptance among your employees.